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About Pivotal Products, LLC

About Pivotal Products:

 Based in Southern Florida, Pivotal Products has established partnerships throughout the Southeastern US and beyond.

If you are:

  • a distributor looking for unique products to add to your line
  • a retailer looking for products to increase your sales
  • a representative of a corporation looking for promotional items

 It’s Time for Pivotal Products.

We do this by developing and marketing unique products that fit niche markets and fill the needs of consumers. Our flagship project, the Beach-Nik, is a perfect example of how such a simple, yet creative, idea can become a pivotal product.

We are always looking for great ideas, new partnerships and unique products. Contact Us Here.

A Message from the President...


 Regina Vazzana
President, Pivotal Products, LLC

I've always been driven and focused with high energy and determination.  At a young age, I started and successfully ran a business to covercollege costs for myself and my sister.  The foundation of my success in sales and project management began with that experience.
After getting my degree in Business & Communications, I worked for an advertising agency, managing a multimillion dollar employee incentive program for a four-state electric company. This experience taught me much about every aspect of business to business partnerships, inventory control and designing workflow processes.  It also groomed my sales and negotiation skills. I took those skills with me into a  fortune 500 company where I happily spent twelve years being promoted into multiple sales management positions; thus, extending my skill set.
In 2012, the creator/inventor of the Beach-Nik reached out to me with the opportunity to take his product to market. I was impressed with the product and confident a successful business plan could be written around it. Thus, Pivotal Products, LLC was born.  As president/founder of Pivotal Products, I intend to use my skills to not only provide the retail market with a unique product with the Beach-Nik, but to develop and market many other ideas from Beach-Nik's creator and other inventors. In fact, it's happening already!  Visit often to see all the unique and exciting products introduced.
Pivotal Products, LLC is in the business of making amazing ideas a reality. Working with inventors, patent holders, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers, we get exciting products to market. We see ‘ideas’ through the entire process: from inception to distribution. Check out all of our product categories to see the unique products we currently have exclusivity to sale in the US.
Any idea, product or opportunity is welcome; let us hear from you! Contact Us Here.